Permitting & Environmental Compliance Of Energy Infrastructures


Taking into account the complexity of the environmental legislation, the administrative penalties and the criminal liability in case of violation, it’s one way street to choose a specialized lawyer to support you and give guidance before any crucial decision. Our exceptional team also includes technicians (civil, chemical and mining engineers and geologists) with a long experience in complicated projects in Greece and outdoors and our office provides you with a fully support in the following stages of permitting and environmental compliance:

  • Enforceable legislation and analysis of the legal framework;
  • Prefeasibility and feasibility Study;
  • Environmental and Social Impact Assessment;
  • Technical Study;
  • Sustainability Report;
  • Rehabilitation Consulting;
  • Environmental Restoration Letter of Guarantee;
  • Investigation of private land purchase and negotiations with the land owners & Expropriation Land Process;
  • Establishment and Operation Licensing of electromechanical Facilities;
  • Establishment and Operation Licensing of complex processing units;
  • Any license or permit required for the design, construction, operation or maintenance phase of an energy infrastructure;

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